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>Mhelefny ==>
>Most importantly, thank you for your wonderful examples posted for all to
>enjoy. Together, they make an excellent demo of what you can do with MSW
>Logo and UCB Logo. I'm going to add some of these to the "Logo Library" I
>am building on my own web site. You may be hearing from others soon (:>)
>Secondly, I like to call Logo a language for young people of all ages...a
>language for exploring "self literacy" as well as computer literacy.
>Regards...Jim Muller
>Jim Muller

Hello Jim Muller !
First of all thank you for your high openion about my examples;that
makes me flatter myself. It will be a pleasure for me to visit your
web site.
Secondly, you are absolutely right. Your phrasing is top notch.
Thirdly , let me use this opportunity to send you the code for an
isometric view of an orange.In Egypt it is now its season.The code runs
as is in both UCBLogo and MSWLogo. you dont even need to turn on 3d.

;Best Regards

to go
cs ht pu setpc 6 grid1 1.1 grid2 1.1
pu setxy -100 120 pd label (se "to "JIM "MULLER "from "MHELHEFNY)

to mysetxyz :a :b :c
;isometric transform
setxy (:a- :c)*cos 30 :b- (:a+ :c)*sin 30

to grid1 :a
for [theta 0 180 9][for [fi 0 360 9][sppos :a* (:theta-20) :fi :theta pd]pu]

to grid2 :a
for [fi 0 360 9][for [theta 0 180 9][sppos :a* (:theta-20) :fi :theta pd]pu]

to sppos :r :fi :theta
;sphirical co-ordinates
mysetxyz :r*(sin :theta)*cos :fi :r*cos :theta :r*(sin :theta)*sin :fi  

Sat, 13 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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