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I have tried to help my oldest son, aged 11, unschooled, to learn logo
but found that, after doing the beginner tutorials there were no obvious
directions for him take.  He enjoyed what he did and used the commands
creatively but could not think of any more challenging projects.
Doubtless I could come up something but my time is very limited.

Then I discovered "Creatures cobbing."  Creatures 2 is an enormously
complex virtual world (taking up about 350 MB of hard drive space) in
which players breed and nurture "Norns" (which look something like
untransformed Gremlins of movie fame).  It is possible to create
elements to inject into the program and which will interact with the
Norns.  The elements are called "cobs" and they are created through the
use of scripts that have alot in common with Logo.  The advantage here
was that it did not require much of my time to lead him through it.  He
and his younger brothers are very e{*filter*}d about the whole thing.
Besides taking a big step toward programming, it leads them in to the
use of graphics and sound creation and editing programs very quickly.
Furthermore, they have hardly scratched the surface of the
possibilities.  The Norns are driven by, I am guessing, neural network
routines.  There brains are modular and can be influenced in manifold

Finally, there is a great deal room for learners to introduce their
individual personalities into the process.  Nice girls from good homes
can create cobs which will be useful and pleasurable to Norns. Demented
boys from families like ours and make their most antisocial fantasies
manifest.  (My sons are currently working on introducing pirannas into
the Norn world).

I see Logo and Creatures as being analogous to phonics and Whole
Language/Waldorf, respectively.  They reinforce and enrich each other.


Dan Overholtzer


Thu, 07 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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