Finding a Help topic using Content. Index or Find 
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 Finding a Help topic using Content. Index or Find


I've been pondering your post for the past few days.  We don't have
Yellow Brick Logo loaded in the lab, but we do have Terrapin and
Bricx (IDE to NQC).

I've always presented the kids with Robolab vs code and found that
they preferred iconographic.  Some would even bring in laptops loaded
with Lego RIS because they love the tabbed-columnar format.  They
also find the RIS easier to program concurrent events with.

Lego designed RIS 1.0 so that a 9 year old would not have to call
tech support.  When 2.0 was released, I noticed they upped the
recommended age to 12.  I suppose the increase in "minimum" age
supports the pre-cognitive development argument.  However, I don't
think it's the 9yo but rather the frustrated parent who is having
difficulty with programming.

If the parent can't translate thought into programs or teach a child
how to "figure it out", then perhaps the child's nurture may be
stunting the child's nature.  I get a lot of kids signing up for my
classes whose parents recognize that they better have someone else do
the teaching.

:-) edwin


>> Iconographic programming using Robolab is "heiroglyphic".

>> Kids take to it very well while it's straight-line programming.
>> soon as loops, forks, subroutines or concurrent events enter the
>> picture ... the kids thinking patterns collapse.

> I've experienced the same thing using RoboLab.  However it's not
just the
> kids' thinking that collapses, my thinking collapses also.  That's
why we
> use Yellow Brick Logo for most of the Lego projects that use the
RCX brick.
>    It's much easier for me to discuss and share ideas about Logo
code than
> it is iconographic code.

> -John

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Sun, 27 Nov 2005 01:22:04 GMT  
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