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 Fwd: [LogoForum] Inspiring vs Selling of Constructivism

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> Date: Fri Feb 28, 2003  08:21:04  PM US/Pacific

> Subject: [LogoForum] Inspiring vs Selling of Constructivism

> I just finished a 6x1.5hr "Visual Math using Logo" class for 4th and
> 5th graders.  The student class evaluations were favorable.  That
> helps because my own class evaluation laments my struggle to inspire
> constructivism in the students.  I had to resort to down and
> dirty "selling" to persuade the students to "work".  It seems they
> would much rather be "welfare" recipients than self-empowered
> learners.

> Fortunately, they seemed to have caught onto constructivism on the
> very last class.  Too bad we had to be interrupted for a half hour
> while a regular class took a state mandated online test for reading
> comprehension.

> At first I thought we'd end up making tessalations.  After the second
> session, I switched to game making.  Creating patterns just wasn't
> grabbing their interest.

> Racing multiple turtles across the screen (and "betting" or rather
> guessing) which would win "sold" them.  Of course, after the initial
> procedures, progress ground to a painful crawl.  I suppose it would
> have been more inspiring if I had animated gifs of horses.  But then
> I don't gamble and had no wish to sponsor betting on ponies.  At
> least the activity helped to overcome mindlessness.  Maybe next time,
> I can try car racing.

> I think the novelty of the class and the chance to get out of their
> regular classrooms, kept them coming.  In my opinion, they wouldn't
> have come just for the turtle.  For many, the turtle is too simple
> for their tastes.  Ah, the Nintendo generation!

> Oh well...
> :-)  edwin

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