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Hi, there are several sources for constructivism info at this site.

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mryder/itc_data/constructivism.html

http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~mryder/itc_data/constructivism.html

Also, there are several schools in New Mexico that are on a 4-day week. All
of them are rural and located some distance away from cities. Kids, parents,
  and teachers seem to love it.




<Date: Sat, 04 Jan 2003 00:59:43 -0800
<From: John Toews
<Subject: Re: 4-day school week

<Edwin, where are you tht you have a 4-day school week ?

<John Toews

 >I've just finished two classes in which 19 kids caught onto
 >constructivism. As a result, parents (expressing their concerns with
 >budget cutbacks resulting in 4-day school week) were suggesting
 >classes be taught through Saturday Academy that would supplement what
 >skool would cut or lack.
 >I was asked my opinion on : (1) how to get their kids fired up to
 >learn other subjects on their own? (2) how about shifting the primary
 >responsibility of education from skool to home? (3) could/should
 >skool be viewed as providing testing and regimen?, etc., etc.
 >Question : Is there a book that would qualify as a "Mindstorms for
 >Dummies"? "Mindstorms" is great. But it isn't a workbook or a step-
 >by-step guide to constructivism. Is there a simple "How to of
 >constructivism" book?
 >:-) edwin

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