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Jeff Richardson said:-

>'Computer as pencil' is a fair start(Mindstorms p 210). It is plain from
>Mindstorms on that Papert explicitly sees computation as a medium of
>expression. (snip)

Here's a succinct quote that supports Jeff's opinion:-

"Where the standard paradigm is using technology to make incremental
improvements in existing educational practice we are committed to a vision of
far reaching changes in how learning happens. In this vision we see
technologies not as the causal agent of change but as media in which new modes
of learning can be expressed."
Seymour Papert. 'Using computers to combat illiteracy: Towards a
constructionist theory of creative learning.'

conceptually I think its an important distinction:-

On the one hand, computer as just a productive tool
On the other hand, computer as expressive medium

Seymour Papert stands out in my mind (along with Ted Nelson and Alan Kay) as a
consistent advocate of the "expressive medium" school.

-- Bill Kerr


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