LOGO-L> a problem with MSWLogo ver 6.2 
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 LOGO-L> a problem with MSWLogo ver 6.2

;Hello George Mills !
;First, let me express my congratulation for launching MSWLogo ver 6.2
;I had run some of the demos which was written and run under ver 6.1
;I have noticed that they run considerably slower under ver 6.2.
;I am not sure of the reason. Either the code is the responsible for
;that delay or what ??. or may be windows functions must be changed !?.
;Consider the following program and try it under both versions.You
;will see that when you click its scrollbars there is a noticed
;delay in redrawing the shape.
;Best Regards

to draw
cs pd
ellipsoid scrollbarget "hight scrollbarget "length scrollbarget "width

to ellipsoid :a :b :c
pu grid1 :a* 60 :b* 60 :c* 60 pu grid2 :a* 60 :b* 60 :c* 60
pu setxyz 0 400 100 pd rt 90 label "ELLIPSOID

to go ;this is my main procedure
turnon3d ht windowcreate "main "panel [ellipsoid] 0 0 90 130 [setup]

to grid1 :a :b :c
for [u 0 360 10][for [v 0 180 10][setxyz x y z pd]pu]

to grid2 :a :b :c
for [v 0 180 10][for [u 0 360 10][setxyz x y z pd]pu]

to scale1
staticupdate "text1 se "length scrollbarget "length draw

to scale2
staticupdate "text2 se "hight scrollbarget "hight draw

to scale3
staticupdate "text3 se "width scrollbarget "width draw

to setup
staticcreate "panel "text1 [length] 15 10 70 10
staticcreate "panel "text2 [hight]  20 40 60 10
staticcreate "panel "text3 [width]  20 70 60 10
scrollbarcreate "panel "length 10 20 60 10 [scale1]
scrollbarcreate "panel "hight  10 50 60 10 [scale2]
scrollbarcreate "panel "width  10 80 60 10 [scale3]
scrollbarset "length 1 4 4
scrollbarset "hight  1 4 3
scrollbarset "width  1 4 3
buttoncreate "panel "stop [Exit] 20 100 40 15 [windowdelete "panel]

to turnon3d
perspective setturtle -1 setxyz 1000 1000 1000 setturtle 0

to x
op (:a*cos :u)*(sin :v)

to y
op (:b*sin :u)*(sin :v)

to z
op  :c* cos :v

Mon, 15 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 LOGO-L> a problem with MSWLogo ver 6.2

I could not see a difference between 6.1 and 6.2 either
on my AGP graphics system. But I did find a problem which
may effect performance on some machines that have graphics
cards that are slow relative to their CPU performance. The
description of the fix is below and it is available for

   o Added for 6.2a, Fixed performance problem for when a WINDOWCREATE
     DIALOGCREATE exists. When controls such as BUTTONCREATE are in the
     graphics screen MSWLogo will use a different method for drawing to
     make sure it does not draw on top of the controls. The speed
     will vary depending on the speed of your graphics card. The problem
     here was MSWLogo mistook a WINDOWCREATE or DIALOGCREATE as a
     in the graphics screen and unnecessarily enabled the alternate
     (sometimes slower) drawing mode. If you want blazing speed keep
     controls in seperate windows.

Let me know if it fixes it for you because it was hard for
me to test.


The www page contains some very powerful educational software.
Our single most important investment is our kids.

Tue, 16 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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