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>What do you need to convert a MW project/graphic to html and how do you go
>about it?


The first thing you need to do is download the appropriate html tools from
the LCSI web page at:   http://www.*-*-*.com/

The directions for downloading and using the Windows web browser plugin are
on the LCSI web page and you just follow the directions.

The directions for downloading the Mac html tools are on the LCSI web page
but the directions for using are sketchy.  Here's what I did:

1. After I downloaded the  -tools- file, I just put it in the MicroWorlds
2.0 folder.  It shows as a SimpleText document file icon, not a MW document.

2. I open the MW project I want to convert, then type  savehtml  in the
command center and press return.  I tell it to put the files into a folder
that I made for the html files (I usually call the folder MW web page).
The tools then convert each page of the project into a html file and a jpeg
file.  You don't have to name the files, it does it for you.  It makes any
navigational buttons into html links for your pages of the project.

3. To try it out, open up your web browser (I use Netscape) and go to the
file menu and "open file".  Go to the folder where you saved the html files
and open the file called page1.html and then use your buttons on the pages
to navigate.  I made a button on page1 of the project to link back to my
other student projects, but I saw that LCSI put the link under each MW web
page under the credits line.  In the future I think I will copy how they
did that instead of putting the link on the student project.  It probably
is easier.

4. This does NOT allow you to see animation or hear sound in projects like
the Windows browser plugin does.  Maybe LCSI will develop a similar plugin
for Macs.
The nice thing about the Mac html tools is that anyone can view the MW
project because the web page produced isn't platform specific.


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