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 LOGO-L> Logo help for Bombay, India

I am a teacher in a polytechnic in Bombay India. Polytechnics in India
are after K10 and typically 3 - 4 years of engineering courses.
I have been using LOGO (MSWLOGO, now 6.4) for the students.
I am also suggeting to teachers schools to use LOGO at high schools
where recently governments have made computer education compulsory and
authorities are groping what would be right curriculum. In the
confusion, a lot of commecial people are taking teachers for a ride and
making a neat buck. Many schools are interested in using old PCs donated
to them. I see LOGO to fit in ideally. There are about 2500 schools in
Bombay alone.

I want to get material for
    1> K8 to K10 level students
    2> to make teachers interested in LOGO
    3> K11and above for exploring projects to get feel of 3-d geometry
so that they become fluent in 3-d that is important for CAD .

    I am looking for resources on MSWLogo .
Can anyone help.
Jitendra Shah


Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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