comunication between opc server and a generic labview application 
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 comunication between opc server and a generic labview application

I'm developing a labview application that hanldes data aquired with
dedicated hardware. The system (PC+appl.+DAC) has to be iterfaced with
remote PC that can see only an OPC server. Wich server have i install?
Does exist a similar application?

Sat, 30 Apr 2005 00:18:32 GMT  
 comunication between opc server and a generic labview application
As far as I am aware, LabVIEW Base/FDS/PDS can only act as an OPC
client i.e. they can receive information from other OPC servers.  If
you are reading information from an OPC server into LabVIEW, the
easiest method is to use DataSocket as this considerably simplifies
the communication process.  Examples of using DataSocket within
LabVIEW to view OPC data items are provided with LabVIEW.

In order for LabVIEW to act as an OPC server i.e. LabVIEW acquires the
data, and the publishes this data such that other OPC-aware
applications can access the data, you will need to use LabVIEW DSC
(Datalogging & Supervisory Control).

LabVIEW DSC will allow you to generate a "tag" and assign this to the
data that you acquire/process.  This tag can then be seen by all OPC
clients (either local to your computer or across a network).

An alternative that you might want to consider would be to use DDE -
this will all depend on the capabilities of the software you are
working with.  DDE capability is available in LabVIEW without DSC and
will allow you to pass information between a DDE client/server.  OPC
has its origins with DDE so if this other piece of software that you
refer to is a SCADA-type package, you may have some success here.


Sat, 30 Apr 2005 00:49:55 GMT  
 comunication between opc server and a generic labview application
I'm testing the two possibility (DSC or DDE com.).
DSC is quite simple but it could be axpansive so i want to explore the
DDE comunication.
Do you know some OPC servers that can be used with LabView? And in
this case, where can i find some comunication examples?
Thanks, your help is very usefull

Fri, 06 May 2005 17:36:54 GMT  
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