inconsistent arrays with multiple buffered readings 
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 inconsistent arrays with multiple buffered readings

When doing position measurements, a signal on the selected gate
transfers that value to memory upon every pulse that comes into its
gate.  It looks as though this is the signal connected to PFI 38.
When doing event counting, the counter transfers the count value to
the internal buffer when a gate signal is received.  It looks as
though this is the signal connected to PFI 4.

Are PFI 4 and PFI 38 the same signal?  If so, it does appear that the
two arrays should be the same size.

I suggest to set some breakpoints in your program to look at the array
after every read to see if the correct values are there.
This may give you some more insight on to what is causing the error.

Also, are the extra time readings interleaved with correct ones or
just appened to the end?


Tue, 18 May 2004 02:06:11 GMT  
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