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 3D Open Geo - project

I wrote a full opened for extensions (plug-in's) system three-dimensional
graphic visualization.
The system allows to program groups of driven objects and to link them with
the project of the developer for visualization of dynamic processes in real
You have two methods to set movement:
1. To set the equations of movement as any algebraic expressions (from an
envelope plug-in "Movement")
2. (For problems of real time) To add the external module to program
This module must contain a fortran-code of generation geometry for each
"tick" on time. You can take into account not only mutual transition of
separate elements, but also their any strain.

I call them the "3D Open Geo". You can go to http:\\emag.jump.ru and click
the "3D Open Geo" or go to http:\\3dgeo.jump.ru.
Download my project and use it. Please report me what you think about it.
Open now http:\\3dgeo.jump.ru\index.htm by the frames from my example.

Best regards,
Yuri Kulayev.

Thu, 19 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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