How do I run 4000 series ADAM Modules in LabView 
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 How do I run 4000 series ADAM Modules in LabView

I am trying to operate up to 4 ADAM modules (2 x 4024, 1 x 4012 and 1
x 4060) through labview 6i running on Windows XP.

I have tried to download and use a copy of the Advantech 32-bit
LabVIEW driver from a foreign, non advantech website but when
installed the VI's are not accessable on the functions pallet as
discribed  in the accompanying literature. I am able to talk to the
modules using  the ADAM utility software (Version 1.53). I am also
able to access the modules on Advantech Device Manager though I am not
able to OP correctly using the test function.

I am fairly new to Labview and would appreciate a step by step
procedure as to where/how I should access the correct drivers and how
to install them and to access the ADAM modules. I belive that once I
can get the correct VI's loaded and working I will be able to go from
there. Thanks

Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:26:18 GMT  
 How do I run 4000 series ADAM Modules in LabView
The modules respond to simple ASCII commands...the commands are
described in the manual of the modules. Check out the serial
communication examples included with LabVIEW and try sending the units
a command that they should reply to...when you see a reply you know
you are on the right track...

If you have the unit's multidropped make sure the modules have unique
IDs, otherwise you will have to separate them...

Thu, 06 Oct 2005 16:36:38 GMT  
 How do I run 4000 series ADAM Modules in LabView
Hi Mads,
Thanks very much for the info and the VI. Unfortunately, I am running
LabView 6i and it wont open the VI! (I get a error9: LabView 6.1 is
newer version then 6.0.1) Do you know how I can work around this. It
would really help me if I could open the VI you sent so I could use it
as an example.

Thanks for your help

Thu, 06 Oct 2005 21:32:22 GMT  
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