Reading/writing to serial port w/ VISA in Labview 
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 Reading/writing to serial port w/ VISA in Labview

I'm writing a labview program to control and to read data from a
Varian vacuum pump controller.  It is connected to the serial port in
my computer, and I have been trying to open a VISA session to
communicate with the instrument.  So far, however, the computer cannot
see the instrument--I get the same error messages reading and writing
to the instrument as I do to an empty serial port.  Does anyone have
any suggestions on what the problem might be?  Thank you.

Sun, 31 Aug 2003 01:53:39 GMT  
 Reading/writing to serial port w/ VISA in Labview
There are a lot of possiblities. Is the cable correct? You probably
need a crossover cable (TX and RX) swapped. You also need to check and
make sure the serial ports on both ends are set the same (i.e. baud
rate, handshaking, stop bits, etc.). Make sure that the port is
enabled. I've seen people try to use a comm port only to find that a
modem card installation caused the port to be disabled. You could also
try using hyperterminal to talk to the instrument. If you can
communicate there, you can eliminate any hardware problem.

Sun, 31 Aug 2003 02:39:55 GMT  
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