Copying one array value into subsequent array values 
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 Copying one array value into subsequent array values

I am making an array of objects.  there will be a max of 32 objects,
and each object has 6 properties.  (so, a 32x6 array at most).

I want to allow the user to enter one object, and copy it's properties
to the next array object, but change 1 of the 6 properties (compare to
drawing a line, and only moving in the "X" direction).  the other 5
properties are the same (compare to no change in Y axis), so this
would save some time...

I want to use one of the properties as the 'trigger' (compare to
'drawing N points, using the properties of the first one), and test
for that and "fill" the next N-1 values with the same properties.
That way, I would get N identical objects, offset by a little bit each
time.  Like drawing points of a line.

But I want to save some time by copying the repetitive data (compare
to color or thickness) instead of entering it each time.

these N-1 objects would be exactly the same as the first object, but
displaced slightly...

Does this make sense?  If so, any ideas how to best do this?

I dont have any code to show, since I am just starting this and it is
trickier than I thought using labview...

Tue, 02 Dec 2003 03:43:31 GMT  
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