How to setup Loadcells correctly in MAX. 
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 How to setup Loadcells correctly in MAX.

I'm alittle frustrated. I have loadcells that are
calibrated by sensitivity. Max does not have a virtual
channel setup for loadcells where I could enter the
device sensitivity like you would accelerometers.
I was told to setup a virtual channel for a voltage
device for loadcells. I don't think that way is
a good way of setting up loadcells. My old system
required I enter in the loadcell sensitivity.
I have noway of doing this now with Max and labview.
So, as a suggestion maybe in a future update of Max
include a Virtual Channel for Loadcells like you do
with accelerometers. All of our loadcells are currently
calibrated for sensitivity.

Wed, 07 Jul 2004 06:18:25 GMT  
 How to setup Loadcells correctly in MAX.

Thanks for your feedback. I will forward this to our R&D people as a
suggestion for our future releases.
Thanks again.

Sat, 10 Jul 2004 00:24:24 GMT  
 How to setup Loadcells correctly in MAX.
This would be good. I'm certain I wouldn't be the only
person who would appreciate a Vitrual Channel specifically for
loadcells. I have another suggestion
thats inline with the last one considering the Max
utility. If you made MAX somewhat opensource code
you could give your customers the ability to write
their own Virtual Channels. Of course you couldn't
offer them any support for anything they might
write in code. Another idea would be to make
additional Virtual Channels for devices as plugins
for MAX that you can download if needed. MAX would
probably need to be rewritten though.
 I still would in the meantime know if using a Voltage
virtual channel is correct for taking data on a loadcell?

Sat, 10 Jul 2004 03:42:54 GMT  
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