Using VI Server for Front Panel Control 
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 Using VI Server for Front Panel Control

How do you not show a sub-vi front panel when first loaded, yet be
able to display it later when called?  I downloaded the vi example
from NI titled "Displaying a SubVI or Global Front Panel on User
Command."  This should answer my question, but it's not clear how to
implement it in my particular application.  The primary thing
that’s unclear is where to put the VI server code and were to
put the initial data loading code.

For example, I have a main vi that uses two sub-vi's.  The system uses
the first sub-vi to setup test parameter data.  The second vi is used
for data acquisition and is reliant on data in the first vi.  I do not
want the first vi to present its front panel automatically when the
second vi is called.  However, for operator convenience, I would like
to display the{*filter*}vi front panel when manually called (within the
second vi).

Any attempt to set the VI Properties >> Windows Appearance in
combination with the SubVI Node Setup seems to lock up the program.

I’m missing the point somewhere.  Please advise…

(If needed, I can download the program example.)

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 15:31:21 GMT  
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