Acquisition with a no nationnal instrument card 
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 Acquisition with a no nationnal instrument card

We have a PC-ADC12B8V/D card from Digimetrie to do conversion from
digital to analogic. But we have no drivers that allow labview to
recognize the card. We just have a dll and a header file contening
fonctions. We try the LabView "call library" fonction but it doesn't
work. We probably have forgotten something...
Thank you for helps.

Anthony Albert

Mon, 09 Aug 2004 18:58:35 GMT  
 Acquisition with a no nationnal instrument card
Hi Anthony,
Your dll file should contain a list of functions.  When you use the
Call Library Function (CLF), right click it and select configure.
Select the right dll and function name in the dialog box.  More
information on using CLF is found in this document under 'Shared

You will also need to refer to the card manual for initialization
routines/functions and starting the input/output processes.

I have also been through a similar process where I had to interface a
non-NI instrument with labview.  I found that a well written
instrument manual really helps.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 14:59:04 GMT  
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