simple RS-232 advice for labview 
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 simple RS-232 advice for labview

I have lost the way how to deal with my old intrument(weighing meter).
Only sending the command from my com and get the response(in weight)
from the instrument is what i'm trying. after exploring searching for
driver, no wonder this old instrument have no windows based driver. i
have looked on several samples in labview, but to be honest, i
couldn't figure it out.

I have tried many times on "serial"and change VISA
open into VISA configure serial port instead. it comes out with error
occured. So now, i have no idea how can i success in this.


ps. i'm now using window2000.

Thu, 08 Dec 2005 18:28:05 GMT  
 simple RS-232 advice for labview
What kind of scale is it that you're trying to talk to? How old
exactly is it?

Even if you can't find ready-made drivers this sort of thing shouldn't
be too hard to create yourself. One thing is that because LV is
crossplatform you don't necessarily have to find "Windows" drivers for
the device.

The main thing is whether you have a manual for it (or can find one).
Alternately, if we know what kind of scale you have someone might have
drivers for it.


Fri, 09 Dec 2005 10:43:46 GMT  
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