Having trouble with Lecroy 2373 Memory Lookup Unit 
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 Having trouble with Lecroy 2373 Memory Lookup Unit

I am writing a labview 5.1.1 program for the Lecroy 2373 Memory Lookup
unit.  I am using the KS3988 CAMAC controller and the KS3988 VIs that
go along with it.

I can load and then read the CCR of the MLU successfully.

I can NOT, however, load or read from the CAR, I think.  And I can not
load or read words to the addres specified by the CAR.

I am reading the manual for this device.

Is there anyone out there who has experience with this device?

Note:  I had to change the original read VI of the KS3988 VIs since
they do not work otherwise.



Sat, 29 Nov 2003 22:39:53 GMT  
 Having trouble with Lecroy 2373 Memory Lookup Unit
I just figured out the problem.

Not all CAMAC crates have the +/- 12 V pin assignment.  The status
byte, among other things, uses an auxilary -6 V which is supplied by
the -12 V pin.  The -6 V can be found at pin Y1, or the fourth pin up
on the left side of the GPIB slots.

The crate that I have does NOT have 12 V pins.  Therefore, the status
byte, and things like the Lecroy 2373 Memory Lookup unit DO NOT work.

Being the hack that I am, I wired -6 V of power into my crate, and now
everything works.  It looks a little dangerous, but it works.

Tue, 02 Dec 2003 00:12:20 GMT  
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