Calling a Matlab script returns error code 1048 
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 Calling a Matlab script returns error code 1048

I don't know how to proceed.  My variable names are not Matlab
function names.

I'm using labview 6.1.

I'm running the following Matlab version:
? ver
MATLAB Version (R13)
MATLAB License Number: 156808
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 Version 5.0 (Build 2195:
Service Pack 2)
Java VM Version: Java 1.3.1_01 with Sun Microsystems Inc. Java
HotSpot(TM) Client VM
MATLAB                                    Version 6.5        (R13)
Simulink                                  Version 5.0        (R13)
Communications Blockset                   Version 2.5        (R13)
Communications Toolbox                    Version 2.1        (R13)
Control System Toolbox                    Version 5.2        (R13)
DSP Blockset                              Version 5.0        (R13)
Filter Design Toolbox                     Version 2.2        (R13)
Fixed-Point Blockset                      Version 4.0        (R13)
Image Processing Toolbox                  Version 3.2        (R13)
MATLAB Compiler                           Version 3.0        (R13)
Optimization Toolbox                      Version 2.2        (R13)
SB2SL (converts SystemBuild to Simu...    Version 2.5        (R13)
Signal Processing Toolbox                 Version 6.0        (R13)
SimPowerSystems                           Version 2.3        (R13)
Spline Toolbox                            Version 3.1.1      (R13)
Stateflow                                 Version 5.0        (R13)
System Identification Toolbox             Version 5.0.2      (R13)
Wavelet Toolbox                           Version 2.2        (R13)

Mon, 23 May 2005 02:46:32 GMT  
 Calling a Matlab script returns error code 1048
maybe it is better for you to send here piece of vi code rather than
those informations.
We believe you have a licenced version :).

Mon, 23 May 2005 22:04:31 GMT  
 Calling a Matlab script returns error code 1048
This error can occur if your variable name is the same as a function
name in Matlab. For instance, using the variable name disp and then
trying to return this variable will generate this error. To fix this,
choose variable names that are not reserved names used by Matlab. See
the Matlab online help or user manual for a list of reserved function

Zvezdana S.
National Instruments

Tue, 24 May 2005 00:37:54 GMT  
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