Usability of VLs Special Track of VL'99 (Reminder) 
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 Usability of VLs Special Track of VL'99 (Reminder)


                           Usability of VLs
      A Special Track of VL'99: IEEE Symposium on Visual Languages

If you are working on the measurement, evaluation, or theory of the
usability of visual languages, please remember -- the IEEE VL'99
conference is very interested in papers from you, but you must get them
to us on time!  The papers deadline is:
        February 28, 1999
and our submission instructions have now been added to our track's
web page.

Several VL Program Committee members whose specialties lie in this
particular subarea will be reviewing papers submitted to this track.
They are:

       Margaret Burnett, Oregon State University (Track Co-Chair)
       Maria Francesca Costabile, University of Bari (Track Co-Chair)
       Thomas Green, University of Leeds
       Albert Badre, Georgia Institute of Technology
       Susan Wiedenbeck, Dalhousie University
       Paul Mulholland, Open University

VL'99 Usability track page (now includes submission instructions):
        http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~burnett/track-Usability.html
Main VL'99 page:


Associate Professor       .       WWW page: http://www.*-*-*.com/ ~burnett/
Computer Science Dept.      .        
Oregon State University       .
Corvallis, Oregon 97331 USA     .

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