Creating and Calling LabVIEW DLLs with Various Data Types from Visual C++ 
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 Creating and Calling LabVIEW DLLs with Various Data Types from Visual C++

Hi there,
is it possible to pass a (pointer to an) image from c++ to a LV6i
created dll and how should this be done?

I'm familiar with using external dlls in LV (passing numbers and
pointers only), but I've never done it the other way around.

Thanks for your help,

Tue, 19 Jul 2005 20:36:41 GMT  
 Creating and Calling LabVIEW DLLs with Various Data Types from Visual C++
There is some discussion here about using DLLs created by labview.

I'll give you some hints about problems using DLLs from non LV
development environments.

1. It is easy to use simple data types as in the NI examples. Simple
data types mean integer, boolean, string.

2. If you have complex data types like arrays or clusters you need to
use the LV memory management functions to allocate the memory for this

3. You can't use all functions within your LV created DLL. I know from
my own experience that the "old" serial VIs need LabVIEW as the main

Here are some links to discussions I had found about LV created DLLs.

998 calling DLL</a>

was not called from a Labview process</a>

As I decided to use only simple data types I don't know something
about the LV memory management functions. A good way to start is the
CIN tool documentation. You must have choosen CIN tool during
installation of your LabVIEW or complete installation.

The VISA serial VIs work in LV created DLLs. I use it from a MS Visual
C++ application.

I hope I could give you a starting point,

Tue, 19 Jul 2005 22:41:05 GMT  
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