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 flowrate control

Hello everyone,

For our new experiments involving a distillation section, we need to
control simultaneously two liquid flowrates and a heating rate
(controllable by voltage). The two flowrates exponentially decrease at
different values, but at the same speed, from about 10ml/min to
2ml/min (we need actually to keep the ratio of the two flowrates
constant). The liquid in question is just propanol, hexane type of
organic liquid.
Could anyone tell me whether labview is capable of doing this? and if
yes, what other hardwares do we need? (we are thinking about getting
the liquid pumps from Cole-Parmer).
Thanks a lot!


Tue, 28 Sep 2004 01:33:05 GMT  
 flowrate control
LabVIEW could definitely help you out with this application.
Depending on how fast and deterministic your control loop needs to be
will determine which route you will want to take.  If your loop rate
is slow (say 1 min) and it doesn't matter if the loop really takes 59
or 61 seconds, regular LabVIEW would do the trick for you.  LabVIEW
interfaces nicely with NI DAQ boards so you could use those for
reading and writing the voltages.   Picking the best DAQ board for you
will depend on what precision, speed, and budget you have in mind.
Once you know these things, you might post to the DAQ area for more

If you need very deterministic loop rates, you might want to check out
LabVIEW real time.  You can find more information about this subject
at the following page:

Wed, 29 Sep 2004 00:25:12 GMT  
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