Can a VI be controlled via Netscapape under Linux? 
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 Can a VI be controlled via Netscapape under Linux?

We're currently running labview 6.1. I have a remote Linux machine
that I would like to use to access a VI running on a NT box. The web
control works fabulously if I use another NT box, however when I try
to use Linux/Netscape the following happens:

 - The page gets loaded and a message appears saying I need the
appropriate plug-in (no surprise).
- I click the button to download the plugin and end up on NI's site.
- The Linux options end up making me install the 6.1 RTE rpm.
- After installing the rpm, the web control still doesn't work.

Now I'm actually not too surprised by all this, in fact I'd be
somewhat surprised if it worked!  At the very least I'd expect to have
to modify my mime-types or something like that, but the NI web page
lead me down the garden path with instructions that, in the end, don't
work. this supposed to work? Are tbe instructions lacking? Should I
get more cofffee??


Sun, 26 Sep 2004 23:41:09 GMT  
 Can a VI be controlled via Netscapape under Linux?

I've had some of the same problems.  To get around this, let me tell
you about the best option that I have found--WinVNC.  WinVNC is
Windows Virtual Network Computing, and it's a little program written
by AT&T.

Basically, WinVNC works like the LabVIEW web server, but it's more
robust.  When WinVNC is installed on your NT machine, it runs two
servers--one for web browsers, and one for a VNC viewer.  Both allow
the client machine to view (and control) the desktop of the host
machine.  This means you're not limited to just LabVIEW--you can
control *anything* on the host machine.

If the client is not a Windows OS machine, any browser should be able
to view the host machine.  If the client PC is a Windows 32-bit OS
machine, and WinVNC is installed on it as well, you can start the
WinVNC viewer, and instead of viewing the host desktop through a
browser, it will just put the host desktop into another window on the
client--just like Word or any other program.

WinVNC has been adapted to other OS, such as HP Unix, which I have
used.  In cheking the website, it looks like there's a version for
Linux as well, although you wouldn't need it to view through a
browser--you just need it installed on your host machine.

I would try this method, as it is easy, it's freeware, and it's
robust.  It can be password protected.  I haven't had a problem with
it at all.

You can read about WinVNC and download it from

Check it out.


Mon, 27 Sep 2004 20:45:20 GMT  
 Can a VI be controlled via Netscapape under Linux?

You must use Natscape 6.x or Mozilla 0.9.x or higher. You must also
copy the from where LabVIEW installs it to your Netscape
plusings directory. For more information, please reasd the README file
on the LabVIEW 6.1 CD (if you have one) and/or goto this <a
After copying the to the plugins directory, try running
Netscape again and going to your Web Page. Everything will work just
as it should.

Randy Hoskin
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 05:10:28 GMT  
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