TCP/IP Instrument & Socket Classes in VISA 
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 TCP/IP Instrument & Socket Classes in VISA

I have been trying to use the new labview 6i VISA classes for TCP/IP
communications and NI has not been much help so far.  I tried
specifying IP address strings as shown in help section for the "VISA
Open" command.  Every time I attempt to open a session with either of
the specified TCPIP syntax:

TCPIP INSTR     TCPIP[board]::host address[::LAN device name][::INSTR]
TCPIP SOCKET    TCPIP[board]::host address::port::SOCKET

I get an invalid resource parsing error.  I have tried every possible
permutation of the allowed syntax that I can think of with no luck. The
tech support at NI seems never to have attempted to use this feature.
Are these classes even supported yet?!?  Can't find any documentation
or examples other than the "VISA Open" help section.  Thanks for any


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