Serial Error 0x4002 (Error 16386, character was lost by overwrite / serial port overrun error) 
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 Serial Error 0x4002 (Error 16386, character was lost by overwrite / serial port overrun error)

Hi All...

While receiving binary data block-wise (~10kByte, 32kByte buffer,
9600-115kbaud, 8N1, no hardware handshake etc.) LV 5.01 stops the
transfer with the following error message:

Warning 16386 occurred at an unidentified location.

Possible reasons:
Windows GetCommError:  The hex value of this code is x4002. Interpret it
bit-wise as follows: x4000: serial port VI error; x0001: receiving queue
overflowed or character was received after end-of-file character; x0002:
character was lost by overwrite; x0004: parity error; x0008: framing
error; x0010: break condition; x0020: CTS timeout; x0040:  DSR timeout;
x0080: RLSD timeout; x0100: transmission queue was full when new
character arrived; x0200: parallel device timeout; x0400: parallel
device I/O error; x0800: parallel device not selected; x1000: parallel
device out of paper; x8000: requested mode is  not supported or the
idComDev parameter is invalid.  Consult the labview serial port manual
for more information.

Every block is requested by sending a "request-character". For example:
1. sending 'NEXT'
2. receiving 10Kbyte
3. saving data
4. sending 'NEXT'
5. receiving 10kbyte

On both machines runs LabVIEW 5.01. Our problem (and the problem of NI
technical support) is, that nobody knows why this error occur or better,
how we can avoid it. The bios function for serial communication (Int
14h) seems to generate such an error to: Bit 9 (receive register
overflow) in the modem status word. We have tried nearly everything like
2 stop bits, different computer, win95/98, smaller send-pakets (between
20-1000000 Bytes), VISA communication etc...
The NI support have also no idea at this time...
I think, the problem is the windows scheduler, which sometimes is unable
to give the task that read the serial I/O register on the UART 16550
fast enough CPU-access.
Have anybody experience with this error or any solutions?
Interesting is also the C/S-function input 'async(T)': is there a
synchron-transfer-mode support under LV if it is set to FALSE??

Thanks in advance,


Sat, 24 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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