Serial Port Write Problem 
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 Serial Port Write Problem

There appears to be an issue with the Serial Write in LV3.51, 4.0 and maybe
even 5.0. This is acknowledged by NI and mentioned in a readme file in the
root dir of the LV CD. You can also find it in the Ni kwowlegde base. I had
it too on a certain machine (486/33).
NI says it appears only at buad rates of 9600 and higher, but I found that
it happens at lower baud rates as well; it just takes longer, i.e. several
hours. On another (faster) computer computer the problem went away, and now
on a 200MHz pentium I never see the problem.
NI says they have been able to reproduce the problem using a C program and
therefore blame the problem on MS serial prot drivers. However, this seems
unlikely to me, because so many terminal/dial-in programs don't experience
this problem. Unless of course it is realted to the presence of other
hardware on your system... I had a 3COM Etherlink III card at the time for
which I had a mild suspicion.
Sorry to say that I don't see any other solution then to try another
computer configuration.
Ferry Toth
Enraf BV
The Netherlands

Tue, 28 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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