Synchronised DAQ with 2 PCI-cards 
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 Synchronised DAQ with 2 PCI-cards

Hi folks,

we want to use two (2) synchronised PCI-6071E DAQ cards in one PC. At
the moment we use software triggers. Is it possible two get the
software trigger for device 2 from device 1? Or do we have to use an
external trigger what is not impossible but it needs more work? Do any
DAQ vi exist for two DAQ devices?

Thanks for help, Felix

Felix Tiefenbacher

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Sun, 15 Aug 2004 19:07:40 GMT  
 Synchronised DAQ with 2 PCI-cards
Software triggering in this case might be possible, but the better
solution is to start things with a hardware trigger. Any computer
running a commercial OS will have varying amounts of latency that will
make reliable software triggering problematic. What's more, the faster
the event is that you are trying to capture, the worse the problem
gets--and sliding snow is very fast.

I understand that external triggering is more work, but you get much
better results. Also the only tricky part will be generating the
trigger. The code for a hardware triggered acquisition isn't any more
complicated than software triggered code.


Sun, 15 Aug 2004 23:05:43 GMT  
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