Client - Server slow tcp/ip... 
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 Client - Server slow tcp/ip...


I have come across something that I believe does not necessarily depend
upon labview but on the standard itself. I'm talking about a client-
server application using TCP/IP. I would like to have a server that
reads 4 consecutive packets decide upon the data received and
transmits 4 packet back to the client. There is no problem doing so
disregarding the fact that the connection becomes unbearably slow. If
I, instead of reading 4 consecutive packet on the server reads 1, sends
1 and then reads the rest, I speed up the link by a factor of 40! Both
the methods works without corrupting any data (I have double checked
that the variable sizes received and transmitted are correct).

Is there anyone that has come across the same? Is this caused by the
TCP/IP standard or is it results of my bad programming?



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Wed, 03 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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