writing/reading from serial port 
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 writing/reading from serial port

I need to write/read data from an instrument trough the serial port,
the communication with the RS 232 cable works properly with
hyperterminal, but failed with all the vi I tried for serial
communication.I'm currently using RS 232 RT with write to file vi,
I've checked the initialization is the same, if I write 1500(a
space)NS, I then read 150 S S undefined, it looks like if some
character are not read or there is a trouble to understand the code
for the space. I've tried 4500(double space)NS(space)  and it works
but understand 450 NS, but to obtain 1450 NS I wrote 14500(double
space)NS(space) and the trick didn't work. I don't get where the
misunderstanding comes from ???

Sat, 25 Jun 2005 00:48:09 GMT  
 writing/reading from serial port
I'm a little confused as to what you're doing. Are you using VISA
Write or Serial Port Write.vi for the communication and what does
Write to File.vi have to do with what you're doing? One thing that is
missing in the serial examples is that they don't include the carriage
return that most serial devices require at the end of the command
line. In hyperterminal, you get this when you hit the enter key. Try
appending the CR constant at the end and see if you have any better
luck. Also, what does the NS represent? Is this part of the
instrument's syntax?

Sat, 25 Jun 2005 01:54:07 GMT  
 writing/reading from serial port
First of all, I don't have a web site. Don't confuse the majority of
contributors of this forum with NI's tech support staff. The VI you
attached doesn't look like it came from NI but in any case, looks a
little too complicated for what you need. I would start with something
a little simpler like one of the examples that ships with labview. Go
to Help>Find Examples and from Hardware Input and Output>Serial,
you'll find 3 different VIs. You might have better luck with one of

Sat, 25 Jun 2005 23:16:03 GMT  
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