sound card application 
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 sound card application

I am programming an audio application in labview 6i.
I need to record and play simultaneously using
line in and line out. Is there a way to do it using LabVIEW VIs or
I'll have to write new sound card procedures in C?
I found exactly the same question in one of the NI Discussion forums
two years ago and there was no real answer for that. I hope that
during these two years there was some improvement in working with
sound card in LabVIEW.
Sincerely, Mike.

Wed, 27 Oct 2004 05:50:47 GMT  
 sound card application

This may be a limitation of the sound card.  I have never tried this,
so I can't offer any advice on trying to record and play at the same

What I would suggest, instead of spending all that time trying to
write C code to do what you need, is to spend a bit of money and
either get a second sound card, or better yet, a DSP card.  NI has
some really good quality cards, and some are fairly inexpensive ones
at that.  The added benefit is that you get a lot more resolution.

Good luck, I hope that helps.

Wed, 27 Oct 2004 23:49:47 GMT  
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