Serial-Buffer overflow without too much incoming data or bursts on the line 
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 Serial-Buffer overflow without too much incoming data or bursts on the line

My application runs under labview 5.11 on a W2000 platform.
After a couple of hours trouble-free working, the sub-vi "bytes at
serial port" gives out 57351 Bytes. That is 56k + 7Bytes, which is the
normal Datablock coming in at the port.
Effect is that the "serial port read-vi" and as result the complete
application hangs up.
I have allready found out that this data set does not arrive at the
Could this be a problem of LabView 5.11 running under W2000?

Tue, 01 Feb 2005 14:12:27 GMT  
 Serial-Buffer overflow without too much incoming data or bursts on the line
I would first urge you to disconnect the cable from the serial port
and let it run more than long enough to convince yourself the error
goes away or re-occurs.

If you disconnect, and the error still occurs, your port hardware may
be bad. Try another port or PC.

If the problem goes away, you could have noise on the line
(interference, bad ground, bad conections, excesive long cable, etc,
etc) or,
your code is not coming back to read the port often enough. If you
think this is the case, read from the port more often or use hardware

I would like to know a lot more before saying it is a software
in-compatability issue.

Keep us updated,


(An LOTR fan)

Tue, 01 Feb 2005 20:09:18 GMT  
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