counter function : How works the Set attribute function 
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 counter function : How works the Set attribute function

I use labview and a 6713 DAQ
I want to use the "set attribute vi" but I don't exactly what means
the "attribute value number" and the attribute value type" in that vi
>Where can I find some data about that?
>What is the relation between the internal clock frequency and the

attribute value number if I generate a pulse train ?
>How can I configure the frequency of my DAQ ? ( I can use  20MHz or

100KHz )

Any help is greatly appreciated

Mon, 23 Feb 2004 23:11:24 GMT  
 counter function : How works the Set attribute function

You can read the on-line help for the Set Attribute VI by
right-clicking over the VI and selecting "Help."  The help will
describe each of those parameters.  In addition, you can search
through counter examples for your 6713 by selecting from the menu bar
Help>>Search Examples>>I/O Interfaces>>Counters.  Any example that
demonstrates the functionality of the DAQ-STC counter will work for
your board.  In addition, you will find examples on pulse train

Hope this helps.


Tue, 24 Feb 2004 23:57:35 GMT  
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