Hung Chang Protek 2100 or DSO 2100 
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 Hung Chang Protek 2100 or DSO 2100


Has anyone of you writen a driver or application for the
Hung Chang Protek 2100 or DSO 2100 ?

If yes please contact me.

Thanks a lot !!!!

Wed, 13 Oct 2004 05:39:00 GMT  
 Hung Chang Protek 2100 or DSO 2100
You could find a driver for this instrument at .  If it's not listed
there, it leaves you with one of a couple options.  First, I would
like you to submit a request for this driver at:
We develop drivers based on demand and popularity so the more requests
we have for it, the greater the possibility that we will develop one.
If you would like to try developing your own instrument driver (or
modify the existing one), we have documentation, model instrument
drivers, and driver templates to help at :
We also have a syndicate of third party vendors that specialize in
National Instruments' products and services.  Some of the vendors
specialize in driver development.  I would suggest contacting one of
the Alliance members at:

An instrument driver is a collection of functions that implement the
commands necessary to perform the instruments operations.  In short,
someone read the instrument user manual and implemented some of the
functionality in a program for the end user.  Instrument drivers are
not necessary to use your instrument.  They are merely time savers to
help you develop your project so you do not need to study the manual
before writing a program. With all of this work already done for you
in the driver, instrument drivers can significantly reduce development

There are example VI's in LV on Instrument Connectivity. If you go to
the Help menu >> Examples.. >> I/O, you will see a couple and
Examples.. >> Fundamentals for File and String manipulation. I would
suggest tweaking them to suit your application. Also the specific
command that your instrument responds to can be found from it's

Some useful resources for your application are > NI Developer Zone > Development Library > Instrument
Connectivity , to
search examples and knowledge bases

Hope this helps.

Fri, 15 Oct 2004 23:17:09 GMT  
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