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 network DDE communication

[W] network DDE examples ?

I am trying to set up an network DDE communication between 2 computers
running labview (5.01) on windows'95 and windows'98 with an
ethernet-coax cable connecting them both .
One computer measures low-frequent (1 Hz) temp. data (server) , sends it
to the other (client) where it is displayed . Missing some of the
measurement data  is no problem .
The National Instruments reference is confusing on how to set this up
the communication .
What has to be the DDE service,topic and item on both the server and the
client -station .
National Instruments further states that a program called netDDE.exe has
to be run on the client
station (?) . Does  the system.ini have to be changed , to add a new
line containing a section
[DDEshares] or do I have to add a key with several entrees in the
registry-file concerning DDEshares , or maybe both ?
Can someone give me an example (client & server VI's and on how to
achieve the communication ?

Thanks in advance ,


Mon, 28 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 network DDE communication

Don't use DDE !! use TCP/IP its extremely easy to do and the included
examples explain the technique.  I have used this method to serve data to up
to 10 PC's at rates much higher than 1 HZ and NO missed data.  Trust me,
managing a couple of IP addresses is much easier than all that DDE stuff.



>[W] network DDE examples ?

>I am trying to set up an network DDE communication between 2 computers
>running labview (5.01) on windows'95 and windows'98 with an
>ethernet-coax cable connecting them both .

Tue, 29 May 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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