printing front panel of VI - no borders appear around the indicator box values 
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 printing front panel of VI - no borders appear around the indicator box values

Dear readers,
   I am using labview 6.1 on a pentium PC with adequate memory etc.
   I've been trying to print out the front panel of my VI using a
   postscript printer and the post script printing options available in
   the Labview. I notice that the printed front panel doesn't show the
   rectangular borders that is supposed to surround the values contained
   in indicators and controls.

Apart from this problem, everything looks good, such as it prints out
in the way that I want...with nice white background to not waste ink.

Could someone please advise me on what options to set up in order to
print the borders around the indicator box values? Thanks very much
for any help.

I noticed that for an older Labview for the apple Mac, namely Labview
4 for the Mac, you can just print the window of the front panel and
everything comes out get the borders around the
indicator and control box values.

Thanks again.

Kenny Leong

Tue, 04 Oct 2005 00:55:46 GMT  
 printing front panel of VI - no borders appear around the indicator box values
Typically, when you print you will get on the paper exactly what you
see on the screen. A couple thought though, what color is the edges of
the indicators? Black should show up as black, but if you are using a
very light color it might get interpolated to white in the printer.

Could also be something funky with the printer driver (I have a
Brother laser printer that always wants to print LV output upside down
and backwards--I have to hold my printouts up to a mirror to read

Could you post the front panel you're printing so some of us can try
it? That would help determine whether it's a problem with your
computer and printer, or there's something funny in the image itself.


Tue, 04 Oct 2005 11:16:17 GMT  
 printing front panel of VI - no borders appear around the indicator box values
Hi Mike!

   I forgot to mention that the colour of the actual printout has a
   pure white background, even though the photograph of the printout
   looks like it has grey parts. The grey areas are only due to the photo
   being taken without enough lighting. Thanks!

Wed, 05 Oct 2005 03:43:29 GMT  
 printing front panel of VI - no borders appear around the indicator box values
Hi Mike,

   I was looking in the labview help directories for indicator box
   color etc, and I came across the 'classic' 2D controls. I find that
   the 2D indicators print out on paper with the borders around them, so
   this is great. I think I'll use the 2D classic indicators for now. If
   there's a way to set up borders for the 3D indicators/controls for
   printing then I'd be really interested to find out how it's done too.
   Thanks again.

Kenny Leong

Wed, 05 Oct 2005 04:07:30 GMT  
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