removing sub-VI from memory 
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 removing sub-VI from memory

Is it possible to remove a subVI from memory with the
"Invoke Node", "Abort VI"-Method?

My problem is: after about 1 hour a low level subVI from
labview (Read Serial Port) hangs up! The subVI doesn't have a
timeout-parameter and is just waiting forever for some bytes at the
serial port. Now my program is waiting for this subVI forever.
I already programmed a watchdog, which tells me, when this error
occurs. Then the user (me) gets warned and I try to abort this
subVI by the above method. But: that doesn't seem to work? Any
other idea?
(I could move the serial communication into separate VI, which
communicates with the main program via a handshake procedure, but
that doesn't solve the problem.)

Gerd Wieczorek

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Tue, 13 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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