How to send LF,CR and EOI in VISA Write function of LabView? 
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 How to send LF,CR and EOI in VISA Write function of LabView?

I am using labview 6.0.2 and NI-VISA 2.6 runtime in Windows 95.

I want to change block diagrams of an instrument driver written in
GPIB functions into using VISA functions, because I use a HPIB board
(HP 83241). The GPIB function in the driver sends command in mode 3
(append CR LF to the string and send EOI with LF). So I think I must
send them in VISA Write function, too. But I don't know how to do it.
Further, the GPIB Write function sends two strings separated by
semicolon. Do I have to send CR, LF and EOI with LF after each string,
or not? And how to do?
Although I looked for manuals and help files, I could not find. Please
help me.

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 09:57:57 GMT  
 How to send LF,CR and EOI in VISA Write function of LabView?
As far as I know you can set just one termination character for VISA.
Therefore it is easier to solve your problem appending "\r\n" to every
instrument related command. Don't worry about semicolons if the old
program is working with them ... it means that the instrument accepts
this kind of command.
Regarding the EOI, I assume (I didn't try it) that you can set it
using VISA Advanced > Property > Message Based Settings > Send End
Enable. Anyway, make sure that you have set EOI on in MAX.

Hope this helps

Tue, 10 Aug 2004 13:04:58 GMT  
 How to send LF,CR and EOI in VISA Write function of LabView?
You could find a driver for this instrument at .  If it's not listed
there, it leaves you with one of a couple options.  First, I would
like you to submit a request for this driver at:
We develop drivers based on demand and popularity so the more requests
we have for it, the greater the possibility that we will develop one.
If you would like to try developing your own instrument driver (or
modify the existing one), we have documentation, model instrument
drivers, and driver templates to help at :
We also have a syndicate of third party vendors that specialize in
National Instruments' products and services.  Some of the vendors
specialize in driver development.  I would suggest contacting one of
the Alliance members at:

Wed, 11 Aug 2004 04:10:03 GMT  
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