Is there“External Lock Mode”code example use IMAQ? 
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 Is there“External Lock Mode”code example use IMAQ?

i wanna use PCI1409 and a linear camera to display a continous
Acquire,any example here?

Sat, 25 Jun 2005 16:48:29 GMT  
 Is there“External Lock Mode”code example use IMAQ?
      National Instruments has several examples that acquire and
      display images continuously. If you are using labview, the NI IMAQ and
      IMAQ Vision software install examples inside of LabVIEW.  Could you
      please clarify what you mean by linear camera, are you referring to a
      line scan camera?  We have a generic line scan camera file, which is a
      camera identification file, which could be used with a line scan


Russell Blake
Applications Engineering
National Instruments

Sun, 26 Jun 2005 23:09:50 GMT  
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