Measuring frequency, software multiplexing 
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 Measuring frequency, software multiplexing

You've attached the main VI but not the subVI that does the actual
frequency measurement. To attach everything, what you need to do is go
to save with options and choose Development Distribution. This will
create a .llb file with the main VI and all subVIs.

Sat, 19 Feb 2005 04:40:19 GMT  
 Measuring frequency, software multiplexing

You need to attach the SubVI as well. I can see the problem by looking
at the main VI only.
Filipe A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Sun, 20 Feb 2005 22:51:09 GMT  
 Measuring frequency, software multiplexing

Thanks for the SubVI.
Since the VI is Software timed (there is a inside the loop),
the operation becomes system dependent; meaning that the VI will
execute depending on how fast the OS can handle the task.

To have a completely system independent VI, you need to come up with a
VI that doesn't rely on any Software time operations.

Filipe A.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Fri, 25 Feb 2005 23:26:37 GMT  
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