how do I uninstall labview application with no uninstall program 
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 how do I uninstall labview application with no uninstall program

I have built an application and selected to not have an "uninstall"
application in the various 5.1 app builder options.  I did not think
this would be a problem since I thought the application would show up
in my add/remove programs and could be removed from there.  However,
it seems that if no uninstall program is selected then the application
also does not appear in the add/remove section of control panel.  Do I
just delete the directory of the application?  Are there any registry
settings to worry about.  I have seen this on Win 2K and Win 98. I
have not tried others.

Sat, 26 Feb 2005 23:36:06 GMT  
 how do I uninstall labview application with no uninstall program
There are registry settings when you install the application builder,
and probably an association is made  in the registry to open your
application and have it spawn the runtime engine of the correct
version.  However, as the Windows Registry is the most obsolete piece
of software junk on the planet, and so chock full of mysteries,
incosistencies, and well, a whole list of things that I could complain
about, I cannot say for certain what registry settings are
added/changed when you do an installation.

I will make this suggestion.  Just delete the folder, and also, you
will need to delete the "my application".ini file in the root
directory, or wherever your application is located (which could be
taken care of when you delete the folder, but who knows.)

Once you have deleted the folder, any remaining registry settings left
over will be added to the rather large list of leftover registry
entries from other applications that are unistalled/deleted.  The
truth of the matter is that I have NEVER seen an application
completely remove all of itself, or its registry entries.  I don't
even know if uninstallation removes ANY registry entries.

If we are all lucky, someone at Microsoft will take a hint and get rid
of the registry.  Maybe then we can have flash resident operating
systems.  Until then, I'll stick with Linux, thank you....

Sun, 27 Feb 2005 08:50:21 GMT  
 how do I uninstall labview application with no uninstall program
It probably wouldn't hurt to clean up your registry after deleting all
those folders.  You can use RegClean utilities available for download
on the web or just delete the keys manually.  On your 98 machine, you
will likely find keys located in the following directories of the
registry editor (Start>>Run>>Regedit)

Windows>>Current Version>>Installer>>Components
Windows>>Current Version>>Installer>>Products
Windows>>Current Version>>Folders

With that said, you'd probably have to search for the name of your
program to be able to find most of these (Edit>>Find), as they are
usually sorted by the product code.

Hope this helps!

Jim Cahow
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Sun, 27 Feb 2005 23:39:58 GMT  
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