FTP between two networked PC's 
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 FTP between two networked PC's

I am using the internet toolkit with labview 6.0.2
and I am having problems with the FTP VI's. I am trying to "put" and
"get" files using two networked PC's running windows NT.  I keep
running into error 63 and 54.  I need some information on FTP servers
also. How can I tell if the FTP server is running? How do I get it
running? Is it like the DataSocket server? All I am trying to do is
FTP files between two networked PC's and I can not get it working, Can
anyone HELP?

Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:19:46 GMT  
 FTP between two networked PC's
The internet toolkit provides FTP client functions. You will need to
install an FTP server program on the computer you wish to connect to.
Microsoft's IIS includes a server and there are some
freeware/shareware programs out there. If you were to do a google
search for FTP Server or FTP Daemon, you should be able to find what
you need.

Wed, 23 Feb 2005 00:24:22 GMT  
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