Executable vs. Vi? 
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 Executable vs. Vi?

I'm not sure if this is too vague, but basically I have a main
application VI that is used to open and close other Vi's (their front
panels using references). So when I double click on the VI and run it
everything works fine, but when I build the executable with all the
necesary VI's, dynamic linking etc...it does not??? This problem just
started occuring and I have no idea if its because of some typical
problem I don't know about or what? I have not made any changes that
should have affected the main VI. Help if you can

Wed, 29 Sep 2004 04:48:11 GMT  
 Executable vs. Vi?
The most common source of this problem is a failure to track the path
differences between a built application and the development
environment. As an experiment, put a patch in the code that write the
path that it's trying to open to a text file. See if the VI is where
the program is looking for it.

This problem can be caused by the way you build your application--not
the code itself.

Another problem to check for is with the main VI running in the
runtime system, manually open the dynamic vi and make sure it's
executable. A variety of things can happen to make a VI that runs fine
in the development system suddenly broken at runtime.


Wed, 29 Sep 2004 04:59:03 GMT  
 Executable vs. Vi?
Indeed the description of your problem is vague...
However, a common problem with dynamic VIs in executables is that
their front panels are not saved by default by the application
builder, generating run-time errors when attempting to open panels. Go
in the VIs settings and check for saving FP of each VI that you open

If you want that your application open VIs on double-clicks in the
Explorer, add the line
RegisterExtensions = True
in the application INI file.

Thu, 30 Sep 2004 03:30:43 GMT  
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