Video capture with PCI-1407 card 
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 Video capture with PCI-1407 card

I need to capture and analyze RS-170 and RS-343 video  to answer the
question, does it meet specifications [synch voltage, normal image
resolution, etc] and would like to do so with a PCI-1407.  Can I do
anything with RS-343?

Mon, 01 Aug 2005 09:31:32 GMT  
 Video capture with PCI-1407 card
The NI-1407 is designed to work with EIA RS-170 and CCIR cameras.  If
your camera follows either of those specs, then the 1407 will work.

RS-330 is a standard recommended by EIA for signals generated by
closed-circuit TV cameras scanned at 525/60 and interlaced 2:1. The
standard seems similar to RS-170, but H-sync pulses are absent during

With that said, I don't think an RS-330 camera will work with a 1407,
but I've never tried it...  The 1407 requires H-sync signals so we
know where to separate lines.  Without those signals, the 1407 will
not be able to sync with the camera.

Kyle V.

Tue, 02 Aug 2005 03:39:08 GMT  
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