I am having touble logging alarm status in labview 
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 I am having touble logging alarm status in labview

I have written a vi that reads information from to data aquisition
boards and compiles the info into a 1d boolean array(1x16) for its
analog inputs and a 2d boolean array(9x23)for its digital inputs, I
use a for loop and a case structure to index the arrays and return an
alarm text if any of the booleans go HI.  I want to display the alarm
text on the front screen for each alarm that is Hi as well as save to
disk and print.  I have too small problems with my vi.  Any alarms
after the first one overwrite previouse alarm instead of adding to the
current alarms,  as well alarms continusly update making it impossible
to save them as it would save every time the program cycles,  I guess
what I am asking is there any way for the alarm status to be updated
with each new alarm only and not updating untill it finds another
change of state.

thank you for any help or ideas

Sat, 29 Nov 2003 05:42:36 GMT  
 I am having touble logging alarm status in labview
thank you I used a similar idea and it seems to work fine

Sun, 07 Dec 2003 01:39:26 GMT  
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