Using property node by reference in a for loop 
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 Using property node by reference in a for loop

In terms of your problem with using property nodes in a loop, they do
not inherently use large amounts of memory--as long as they are
handled properly. Unfortunately some of the examples that shipped with
V6.0.2 didn't handle the properties correctly. (V6.1 I don't know
about.) Specifically, these examples didn't close references that
needed closing.

It sounds like this could be part of your problem. Each time the loop
executes it reopens a reference and eats up a little more memory. When
you quit you application, LV has to deallocate all this memory, which
can take a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng time.

I once had a memory leak from this cause that if you let the program
run over night, it could take as long as 35 minutes for the program to

If you post your code in 6.0 format, I'd be glad to look at it...


Oh yes, in terms of what references need closing: A good place to
start is close everything when you're finished with it. According to
NI, closing a reference that doesn't need it is essentially a NOP so
it won't burn much time. If this fixes your problem, we can talk about
which ones specifically need closing...

Wed, 29 Sep 2004 05:12:54 GMT  
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