Ring and enumeration controls increment backwards in LabVIEW 7 
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 Ring and enumeration controls increment backwards in LabVIEW 7

After creating a ring or enumeration control in labview 7, the values
are incremented backwards.  I tried putting them in using both the
<b>Edit Items...</b> and <b>Add Item After</b> options.  In the
<b>Edit Items...</b> menu the values appear in the correct order, but
clicking on the up arrow decrements the value while clicking on the
down arrow increments the value.  The control still works correctly in
LabVIEW 6.1, but VIs imported from 6.1 have the same problem.  Am I
missing something?

Mon, 19 Dec 2005 03:07:39 GMT  
 Ring and enumeration controls increment backwards in LabVIEW 7
Hi p,

I have made a look at your problem. I did the same thing in LV 6.1 and
LV 7.0.
First I created a new VI and placed a enum on the front panel. I
entered "Nr0" in the enum and used add item after to enter "Nr1" and
"Nr2". Now I have three items in the enum. Clicking with the operating
tool into the text you get a list which has the entries in the
following order from top to bottom: "Nr0", "Nr1", "Nr2".
Using the decrement and increment buttons the next shown item is
different from LV 6.1 and LV 7.0.
If you have "Nr1" selected and press the increment LV 6.1 will show
"Nr2" which is numericly the next value but the lower entry in the
list. This is expected from the programmers point of view but not from
the user.
LV 7.0 does this from the point of the user so incrementing is going
upwards the list and shows "Nr0". Since it does not force to have
sequential numerical values incrementing numerical will jump through
the list in a manner the user cannot understand because he never will
see the numeric value behind the text.
Btw I normally do not convert an enum to the numeric value because
enums are used to handle with mnemonic text and not with numbers. Only
when I communicate with devices or store data I need to convert the
enum to a number. If the numbers are not consequtive I used some
reserved entries or made a case structure for conversion.
Unfortunatly this change is not documented in the upgrades notes for
LV 7.0.


Tue, 20 Dec 2005 03:31:51 GMT  
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