Voltage drift in an analog data acquisition 
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 Voltage drift in an analog data acquisition

I have developed a data acquisition program that inputs an analog
signal from a micrometer, converts it to a diameter measurement, and
displays the value numerically and graphically.  It also does the same
procedure with a thermocouple for temperature observations.  This
program monitors a component for about 8-14 hours.  During
observation, I'm seeing a periodic (sinusoidal) pattern in the charted
data.  I assume that this is a voltage drift (~mV).  Is there any way
to tune this voltage drift out since it is skewing my results?

Tue, 30 Mar 2004 20:05:43 GMT  
 Voltage drift in an analog data acquisition
Hi Ethan,

it depends on the frequency of this noise signal.
From your question I undersand your signals are very slow, pratically
DC voltages; in this case if the noise has a frequency of 50-60Hz you
can filter it down by a low pass filter (either analog or digital).
If the noise has a much lower freq., then it is probably generated by
the sensor.

Hope this helps,

Wed, 31 Mar 2004 00:37:00 GMT  
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