Does the Autosave works in Excel , if not how to make it work in my program 
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 Does the Autosave works in Excel , if not how to make it work in my program

I am trying to autosave my excel file , my program is dumping data
every minute and I am going to run my program for about 8 hours.  I
wanted a method where my file would be autosave. I can do this in
Excel by selecting autosave.  Has anyone used it before and how good
is it or should I try to save it in my program.  I am using LV 6.0 and
using ActiveX method for Excel.  Thank you.

Mon, 30 May 2005 23:47:21 GMT  
 Does the Autosave works in Excel , if not how to make it work in my program
You may find it easier to programmatically call the Save method on
your workbook to replicate the Autosave feature in Excel.

The problems that you are experiencing may be down to the fact that
the Autosave feature is an Excel Add In module and as such needs to be
treated in a slightly different manner.  In order to get access to the
Add In, you need to manual load/install the necessary Add In when you
open the ActiveX reference to Excel.

In Excel 97, the tree is as follows:

Application >> AddIns (Object & Collection) >> AddIn (Object)

From here you can Add a new AddIn but must set its Installed property
to True in order for it to be "fully installed".  The (VBA) help file
included with your release of Excel will provide further assistance in
navigating through to the appropriate methods and properties and more
specific information regarding the loading and proper installation of
Add Ins.

Personally, however, experience has shown that it is far simpler to
just manually save the workbook using the SaveAs/Save methods as and
when required.


Tue, 31 May 2005 00:56:14 GMT  
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